Finally, A Baby Girl I Can Call My Own

7 months ago

Hi fellow Luuuxers ,

I want to share a special moment with you all. A few days ago I welcomed a girl into my life. Her name`s Mia. She is a 10 week old sable colored German Shepherd mix puppy. Out of the whole litter of 10, she`s the only one of that color. I adopted her at the same rescue where I adopted her older brother Dexter who is a pug, chihuahua and terrier mix.
I named her Mia because I`ve always loved that name and has always wanted to name my daughter Mia. Since I ended up with 3 precious boys, I was never able to put that name to use. Not to mention Dexter, who is a another boy... Lol.. But now I can name my precious girl Mia.
I don`t know how big she will get because I was told she is a mix but the rescue doesn`t know who the dad is. All they can estimate is around 60 lbs or smaller. There was no info about her b-d too so based on her current age, I estimated it to be January 8 of this year. So she won`t get her b-d cake till then... Hehehe
So far she`s adapting really well and she likes to sleep by your side. Her potting training has been improving with some accidents still. Luckily I told my husband to remove the huge rug we have in the living room.
She so far knows how to sit and lie down. Still need to work on those a bit more. Can`t wait to teach her more tricks especially play dead... Haha
But boy, she has some sharp teeth. Her teeth is like razor sharp. Even Dexter`s teeth is not that sharp. So I gotta watch my fingers and hands.. Lol
Me and my husband had always wanted a GSD and now here she is. I told him there was no way I was gonna go for another boy. Hey I need some girl company in my life And I finally got it, even though it`s still 5 against 2... Lmao
Now I just need a little husky girl. My husband`s gonna roll his eyes. We`re already busy with 5 little ones.... Hehe. Maybe in a few more years..

german shepherd puppy

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