Final Fantasy 15 and 7

4 years ago

There was Final Fantasy 7 - so many people have argued that this is one of the best games ever created. And I, like many have found this game having a certain energy around it that makes it an incredibly unique game. I think it is specifically the background artwork combined with the music and the ever adolescent video game technology of the 1990`s attempting to deliver a more-than-cinematic, interactive role playing experience (for the time). It had all the bells and whistles. The commercials for the game basically convinced me that I had to have a playstation. Since then I have been a very faithful Sony Playstation gamer and Square follower. And Since then there has been a Final Fantasy game as good as 7. If Final Fantasy 15 wants to be better than 7 was, then it needs to be technologically awkward. It has to be imaginatively optimistic about it`s storytelling. Don`t be flashy with your realistic, motion captured people graphics. And flying around in slow motion during a fight scene with oversized gun-swords are completely overused and BORING. The new Final Fantasy 15 needs to be scary! Don`t try to entice gamers with sexy bodies, big explosions, and shiny graphics. We want interesting character design that looks unique to the world of a genre specific Final Fantasy game. Just like how FF7 was steam-punk style, we want a truly unique world. I don`t know about you, but it seems as though the newer Final Fantasy games are all futuristic, flashy, crazy hairstyle and bouncy personalities. I don`t know exactly how the new FF game should look like because I do want it to surprise me. I will be pissed if it`s just another futuristic, catastrophic global and spiritual control and warfare between an evil ruler and the underground rebels. We need something different. Something better than FF7!

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