Fillet of Grouper baked and creamed ham and clams

5 years ago

Revenue by Herminio Costa, executive chef of the restaurant Selfish, Casino da Povoa

4 fillets of grouper with
160g each
400 g of bran bread type
100 g ham Bísaro
600 g of black mussels
2 ripe tomatoes
1cebola medium chopped
3 cloves of garlic
2.5 dl olive oil
Salt and pepper q.b.
Fish broth
Aromatic herb to garnish (use the tip of the Florida cilantro)
1 Flood loins of grouper in olive oil (previously seasoned with salt and some pepper). After removing the fillets, cover with onion and diced tomatoes, sprinkle with olive oil and place in baking dish to finish pass. Bring to boil a pot with oil, and so is hot, add chopped garlic and clams (previously washed in water).
2 As soon as the clams open, cool slightly and remove the shells, using only the kernels and juice. In a pot next to it, put olive oil, ham cut into strips (julienne), chopped garlic and let brown. Add the bread previously rolled, the juice from the clams, a bit of fish broth and stirring until you get to go smooth.
3 With the help of two spoons to make a quenelle with the crumbs. Then put a plate and, on top of crumbs, add the fillet of grouper with olive oil and sprinkle the preparation of fish. Garnish with herbs to taste and a crunchy tomato.
Bake 200 g potato with 30 g of tomato pulp and a thread of olive oil. Lead to a blender and reduce the cream. Place in a pastry bag with fine nozzle. On a nonstick plate to make the grid as pictured and bake at 100 degrees until dry.

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