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9 months ago

I had been longing to find a good pair of affordable sneakers for a while since my other one has started to deteriorate on me. The soles of those had already split so the bottom looks like it has a little gapping mouth ... Lol
I didn`t want to spend so much on a pair of shoes that I would only wear for a short amount of time. I really just needed to wear them when I go on walks with Dexter. So I was able to finally find a pair at Costco. Sometimes Costco has some really nice shoes for great prices. My husband recently got for a pair of leather sneakers for $29.99. I paid only $19.99 for mine even though it`s not leather.

These are lightweight performance shoes that has a mess exterior lining. This has a cool max fabric interior lining that claims to move moisture away from your body which keeps you cool, comfortable and dry. It also has a removable insole lining. So if you accidentally get it wet, you can hang it out to dry. This shoes comes in different colors. I purchased the one called Stellaray. It has two toned of blue on the outside and the inside is almost like a light teal color. They come in black and a maroon like color. They also have a red color but it`s only exclusive to Costco online.
I really like this pair of sneakers. It is lightweight as it claims. I hate wearing shoes that are so heavy weighted that when you walk, you can`t even lift up your legs. It feels like you have weights tied to your feet. Boots and heels are a total different story... Lol
It`s very comfortable. You know how sometimes you put your feet into a shoe and the sole is hard like cement, this is not.
I`m not sure if this shoe is made for running or walking as the box doesn`t say. But I can say it`s definitely comfortable as a pair of walking shoes. It`s also great to go jogging in too. But for hardcore running, I`m not quite sure since I`m not a fan of running and I haven`t tried running in these, only jogging. But I think you definitely can run in these but not sure how these compare to shoes made specifically for running.
And it does keep my feet dry. I`m embarrassed to say but I have somewhat of a sweaty feet. Sometimes when I`m done walking, the bottom of my socks are kinda wet. But when wearing these, my socks actually stayed dried. If you`re a heavy sweater, I`m not sure how it would do though. But it`s perfect if you have light sweating.
So if you would like a new pair of sneakers, I believe Costco still carries them. And you can`t beat the price.



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