FIFA Approves Hawk-Eye to watch Beacons

After tennis, is also the football rather than surrender to technological aids to avoid critical errors that can often make all the difference between a win and one defeat. To do so, to determine whether or not a ball crosses the goal line, FIFA adopted the use of the Eye-to Hawk association football worldwide.

FIFA`s decision comes after a series of extensive tests performed last year in order to assess not only the accuracy and reliability of the goal line technology, but also the implications in the stadiums and the infrastructure costs associated with the various associations football. The solution Hawk-Eye does not imply any modification or interference with existing equipment in the field, using only multiple high-speed cameras installed in the stadium to meet the goals from every angle possible.

The data collected by the cameras are sent to a central processing unit which analyzes the position of the ball on the goal line. If the system recognizes that the ball passed the goal line, transmits that information in less than a second for the devices used by the referees distributed across the field. Besides providing a final decision at the time, the Hawk-Eye also lets you see repetitions video that prove the validity of the decision taken by the system.

Tests conducted by FIFA also demonstrate the high level of accuracy and reliability of the Hawk-Eye in situations where the ball is not visible in contexts much more complex than the situations observed in real games.

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