Ferris Wheel With Filters

4 years ago

Hey everyone! Yes, I was shopping at Target again! Don`t judge me, haha! While I was there, I decided to take another look at the home decor aisles to see if they had anything good on clearance. They did have a couple of items on clearance but it was only 30% off so I am going to wait on a couple of items to see if they will go down any lower to 50% or even better 70% off. Since I didn`t end up buying anything from those aisles, I decided to take a couple more pictures to show you guys what they had. Like spotted pictures but for home decor instead of new makeup displays. Hopefully you guys don`t get mad with all the spotted home decor pictures that I am going to be posting this week. There were a couple of pictures that I saw and really liked so I am going to show them here, in case you guys might be looking for some home decor pictures. These pictures actually remind me a bit of pictures from Instagram with filters added to them. Let me know if you guys think the same! This picture that I am going to be showing is a ferris wheel. I think thats what they call it. I can`t really remember. Its the ride where you would go on at fairs and carnivals. I actually only been on a ferris wheel maybe twice in my life. I really want to go to one at night and be able to see the city in lights, hopefully someday. What I actually like about this picture is that it has that filter thing with the bubbles all over the pictures. Usually people add hearts to their pictures but I like how this one had bubbles or circles. Its so pretty to look at and a great piece to hang in the house as your home decor. Let me know what you guys think about this picture and whether you like it as much as me! I would love to know your opinions on this and whether you think it looks like a picture that you would see on Instagram. In case you guys are interested, this is only $19.99 plus tax at Target.
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