Ferrara Chocolate Toffee Crunch

5 years ago

I have never tried this type of chocolate but i was always curious! I remember when they came out with this, i was just a little girl. I know there`s another brand where the packaging is dark blue and with little oranges on the box. The concept of this chocolate is that you have to hit the chocolate for it to break into slices like an orange.

I got this the day after Valentines day, first thing in the morning when I went to wal mart to get some pictures printed. All the chocolates were on 50% off! I was so tempted to buy everything! LOL But i know i shouldn`t so i just got this toffee flavour and a milk chocolate which i gave to my boyfriend.

I think the concept of this type of chocolate is really fun but you really really have to hit it hard! So you should buy this when you`re single on valentines day LOL. Just don`t hurt anyone alright? Each slice is really fancy and has the logo of this brand. How does it keep together did you ask? In the core of this chocolate is a giant blob of chocolate that holds everything together.

I love this chocolate! Its so good and i love the little bits of toffee and this was only $1.50! How amazing is that. I still haven`t finished it :D so i`m saying its a good buy.

How you tried this chocolate before or this concept chocolate?

*all pictures are mine*

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