Fergie wears 2 Sports Bras to Work Out! What?

Want to know Fergie`s fitness trick on how she stayed in shape for the past decade? She wears <Strong><em>double the sports bra</em></strong> while going her work out. She works out four times a week.

<Strong>What kinds of activities does she do?</strong>
Walk uphill
Jump Rope

Although this work out and wearing double the sports bra is working for Fergie I don`t think it`s a good tip or idea. Do you know how tight a sports bra is let alone wearing two? I don`t think that`s safe and will perhaps cut off circulation? I am not a doctor but I did some research and according to many sites wearing two sports bras means you haven`t found the one that fits you well enough.

<Strong>Do you think wearing two sports bra is a smart idea? Do you wear a sports bra when you work out if you`re a lady?</strong>

And if you may not know why you should wear a sports bra vs a bra.. here are some reasons why:

Prevents your breasts from sagging (sports bras are more snug than bras and since you`re working out.. you`re losing weight and yes in your breast area too, so you want the snug to avoid sagging whereas a bra it won`t snug to your body at all times)
Protects you from injuries - creates less tension off your shoulders.
Guarantee nothing will happen aka you won`t expose your nipples! =P Wearing a bra and working out.. you can accidentally show because again the bra isn`t snug completely to your chest!

Overall: Sports bras are easily found anywhere, Target/Walmart/Sporting Goods store for an affordable price less than $20. I would recommend Ross/TJ Max actually =D

Photo and article via http://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-body/news/fergie-wears-two-sports-bras-while-jumping-rope-2012283

Source link: http://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-body/news/fergie-wears-two-sports-bras-while-jumping-rope-2012283

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