Feira Medieval de Santa Maria da Feira The Medieval Travel XVI in 2012

The Medieval Travel XVI in 2012 will take place 2-12 August, in the historic city of Santa Maria da Feira, and will recreate the reign of King Sancho I, second king of Portugal. The Medieval Travel (VM) is the largest event of historical recreation of the medieval country is held annually for ten consecutive days in the historic city of Santa Maria da Feira, attracting 50,000 visitors daily.

With unique features in the country, this project differs from the historical accuracy, dimension (spatial and temporal) and involvement of the population and local associations, reinforcing a large team of over a thousand people from different areas, of which 250 on a voluntary basis.

Centered in the recreation of episodes and events that marked the local and national history of the Middle Ages, the VM started to perform at the Castle, but quickly expanded to the entire historic center and the surrounding area, currently occupying an area of 40 hectares.

The Medieval Journey was recently awarded an honorable mention in the third edition of the Portugal Tourism Prize in the category of "Animation".
It is a time when all the players dress up and get the medieval spirit, I love the magic, the smell so characteristic to spices, incense, etc.. I love music and people constantly dancing as before, since I can remember I worked there and this year I`ll debut just as a visitor!

People appear here! it`s worth the 2 euros per day or 4 euros per week for the purchase of the bracelet.

* Images from links below:
1 - http://www.verportugal.net/Aveiro/Santa-Maria-Da-Feira
2,3,4 - http://www.viagemmedieval.com/

Source link: http://www.viagemmedieval.com/index.php?pg=enquadramento

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