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4 years ago

[Pictures mine, do not take!]

Hey everyone!
I`ve been gone for ages I know, but I`ve been very busy with studying for my A Levels and recently I`ve been very ill!
So today I decided to treat myself to a lovely hot bath with lots of my favourite products, give myself a mani-pedi and do a hair treatment. I`m still feeling very ill, but at least my skin and hair is all lovely and soft and my nails are painted so my appearance is a bit better ;)

Anyway, read more for more pics and details on my essential products and how I use them!

Step 1: A lovely hot bubble bath!
I use this lovely "Soft Pink" bubble bath by Avon which smells lovely with my Avon Senses Reflection shower gel which I adore. The scent is "Peacefull Oriental Orchid & Raspberry" which smells deliciously fruity - a little goes a long way with this as I`ve had this bottle since christmas yet I`ve hardly used any up at all :)

Step 2: After my relaxing soak, I then moisturised with my new Garnier Intensive 7 Days Nourishing Lotion which I have to say is the best moisturiser I`ve ever tried! It`s incredibly cheap too and smells amazing - I have the softening cocoa butter one and the scent does last a long time on my skin after I`ve used it. I`ve also been re-applying my Next Just Pink Lip Balm throughout the day because it`s shimmery and tastes so good!

Step 3: Hot Oil Hair Treatment!
I used this Planet Spa (sold at Avon) mediterranean olive hot oil treatment on my hair which left it feeling silky smooth and smelling good enough to eat! :P

Step 4: I then put in my Macadamia Nourishing Leave-In Cream which has to be my favourite hair product - Macadamia products smell so good and work wonders on my naturally curly hair!

Step 5: At-home Pedicure!
I used my Avon Foot Works all in one pedicure on my feet followed by my Avon Foot Works heel softening cream which left my feet really soft.

Step 6: Nails
I clipped and filed my nails to make sure they looked nicer and got rid of any sharp edges as my nails have been breaking a lot recently due to being ill and cold weather.

Step 7: I then painted my toenails in Essie "To Buy or Not to Buy" which is a gorgeous shimmery lilac and my fingernails in NYC mint green which I forgot to include in the previous photo.

Step 8: Finally, snuggle up in your comfiest pyjamas with your favourite hot drink (mine is green tea) and watch an episode or two of your favourite tv show or something to cheer you up! I watched The Big Bang Theory because it`s one of my favourite shows and makes me laugh!

Thanks for reading!
- Emily
PS, I`ll try and blog a lot more consistently, but at the moment I am still ill so I need time to recover!
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