Feel the texture of ANYTHING on a touch surface

You can clearly distinguish the texture of an orange and a peach just passing the fingers over them, right? But what if you could be able to distinguish the same textures by passing his fingers on the screen of a smartphone or tablet?

It is exactly this new technology that researchers in the United States decided to reveal, but it still under development.

The application was previously named of REVEL, which means Reverse Electrovibration , and works as a kind of electrical signals injection. The user receives a weak"discharge" directly in his fingers by touching the screen creating the feeling that he is touching another surface.

Do you believe that this technology is an interesting option for users? In my opinion this is a very interesting thing, but join leaving your opinion in the comments.


Source link: http://www.tecmundo.com.br/telas/28251-tecnologia-permite-s

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