FEED HER! She`s starving!

5 years ago

I did not envision myself eating pizza for dinner - but this is what happens when you wake up at 7am to go to an 8am appointment. But that`s when the appointment stretches to fasting, blood drawing and scans which made my simple half hour consultation into a 6 hour ordeal. I had a few errands to run afterwards, which equaled going to pick up some shirts I ordered on Fashion Bugs website then meeting my boyfriends mom to get pedicures. To add insult to injury, I COMPLETELY smashed a bottle of polish IN the nail salon. I was like "Oh my that`s gorgeous!" and was holding it and it flipped up out of my hands and CRASH - gorgeous blue polish everywhere. I felt like a spazz. I mean you really can`t take me anywhere LOL. ANYWAY!

I went to the grocery store as my last stop before heading home to go BACK out to a comedy show tonight. Everybody and their mother was at this grocery store because it`s a brand new built one. After spending nearly $60 on vegetables, fruits, a few bottles of soda, dog food and a few other smaller items I decided since I was starving and ready to kill that it was best to get something to eat from the in-store food stops. The lines were atrocious and no one was really at the pizza line since they only had one pie out ready for sale the others were baking, so I ordered up a<strong> slice of broccoli and onion</strong>. <em>YES! This is considered one slice - which is also 1/4th of the pizza!</em> It was $3.59 for two toppings (which were incredibly sparse BTW...) but overall, it wasn`t a terrible slice of pizza. The dough could have been cooked a little more.

Typically I`d eat one slice and call it a day, but I ate both :X. That`s what I get for not eating diddly squat and running around like a mad woman. I also picked up a Diet Mountain Dew which was yummy -- I love me some Mt Dew!

What did you have for lunch today?

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