February MyGlam Bag!

5 years ago

Hey guys! Haven`t posted in like DAYS now, and I`m missing luuux! haha, anyways, this is my February MyGlam Bag! It`s super Valentine`s Day themed for February, and I love how MyGlam always gives you a bag!! I`ve saved up three bags so far, and they are really nice for travel.

<strong>What`s In My Bag?</strong>
1. X Out Shine Control: 0.75 fl oz. I tried this two days now, and I don`t find it really mattifies my face...I`m not that oily to begin with, so maybe that`s why :/ If you have tried this before, PLEASE comment how it worked for you!
2. Premier Dead Sea Cinderella Masks: Each come with 0.07 f oz. The first one is the Instant Stretching and Revitalizing Mask, and the second is the Eye Cream. I haven`t tried these yet, but I really can`t wait! I`ve been getting more and more into skin care and things like that, so I`m excited! I`m not sure what the eye cream is supposed to do though...and instant stretching? What does that mean o.O haha but nonetheless, I love trying new things!
3. NYX Roll On Shimmer for eyes, face, and body: 1.5g. I`ve swatched this, and it really is a roll on glitter stick! The glitter is really packed, and goes on pretty smoothly. I`m not sure how this would look on my eyes or face, but I will try it!
4. Freeman Facial Hydration Mask in Goji Berry: 15 mL. I`ve been loving my last Freeman mask from January so I can`t wait to try this one! You can get Freeman products at CVS.
5. I didn`t put a photo up, but they also sent me two Ghirardelli chocolate squares: one in milk and one in dark.

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