February Maven: Classic with a Twist!

4 years ago

I received my Julep Maven last week and I was really happy with what i received this month! I was also surprised to find 2 extra polishes, an eyelash curler and some chocolates!
I received 2 colored polishes and 2 extra polishes!

<Strong>Color Polish</strong>

Claudette: Is a red polish inspired by Academy Award winner (1934) Claudette Colbert. I really like this color. It`s my favorite of the two polishes. It is a deep bright red polish that has a slightly pink tinted undertone! Definitely a color worthy of Hollywood Glam!

Helen: A lilac meets bubble gum shade. It is a soft creamy polish inspired by actress Helen Hunt. The shade is lovely but it doesn`t go well with my skin tone it makes me look sick.

<strong>Extra Polishes</strong>

Freedom Polymer Top Coat: Warning on this one, the smell is STRONG! It is supposed to help your manicure last longer than a tradition top coat. The polymer blends creates a special seal that is formed under natural light! Which explains the blacked out bottle. It does give nails a lovely shine and i`m a sucker for a free top coat so i love it already!

Oxygen Nail Treatment: This is a color and a nail treatment in one. The formula is supposed to make nails thicker, stronger and smoother! I can vouch for this! I applied it a few days ago and my nails haven`t cracked or broken yet! I put it on underneath the Claudette and my nails feel really strong!

Eyelash Curler: It came in a really cute tulle bag, it`s made to be portable and it also came with little instructions. The only thing that makes me nervous about this is you have to get it really close to your eye to make sure it curls your lashes and it isn`t the most comfortable thing, but it does the job!

It also came with two little milk chocolate heart candies for valentines day of course! I don`t eat candy so i gave them to my sisters, but they enjoyed it!

So the value of my box!

I paid $19.99 for my February Julep classic With a Twist box

The products I received are worth:
Claudette: $14.00
Helen: $14.00
Freedom: $18.00
Oxygen: $18.00
Eyelash Curler: Unknown

For a total of $64.00
I saved $44.00

That`s not a bad deal at all!
A bonus i actually enjoy the polishes this month for the most part! I might part with my Helen though.

<strong>Conversation Starters</strong>
1. Are you a maven?
2. What do you think of the box this month?

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