February Glymm Bag Review

4 years ago

Right... "February" Glymm bag -__-. Lol I finally got it today! Apparently they shipped out last week, but no one received notifications. Last month they told us when the box was going to be delayed, this month thye just decided to change the shipping date to the end of the month. I don`t remember receiving any notice of this so I`m just going to assume they didn`t give notice. This means from now on your boxes are always received in the month following the actual month it`s for @@. I guess for new subbies they won`t notice since it`ll feel like they`re receiving their bags super early. Anyways, here`s what I got this month:

- Purely Pro Eye Shadow
- Villainess Ginger Snapped Bar Soap
- Nailuv Gel Nail Polish
- Femme Couture Monster Gloss
- Lollipop (lol)
- 50% off at Shiny Set Coupon

Overall Thoughts

I think this month was again, just okay. It was a nice perk to have two full sized products, but nothing really got me super excited. The good thing is they are things I`ll eventually use (except maybe the polish...) so it wasn`t a let down :). I`ve already been charged for my March box, but I`ll most likely cancel before they can charge me for April. It took some long decision making, but after subscribing to both Glymm and Topbox for over a year I think I`ve decided to just keep Topbox now. It`s getting a bit expensive to keep both x_x. Not sure if I`ll come back to Glymm... their organization just started to get a bit wonky and their customer service isn`t like Topbox. I liked the beauty boutique points though which I have redeemed and will review my purchases when they arrive!

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