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5 years ago

I have been trying to use up a lot of products since I have come to the conclusion that I have too much stuff lol in that I mean I have so many half used or opened products I just need to start using everything up before I buy more stuff or trying out new things. I think posting this or keeping track can be good because I can actually see what I`m using and I can also give mini reviews and try to be helpful to you guys :)

So since this is my first post I will just get right into it:

The Body Shop Banana Shampoo and Conditioner - I am so sad because they have discontinued this shampoo and conditioner and it has literally been my favorite!! I do happen to have a back up of each thank god! But they are on the smaller side so they will go pretty fast. I might save them for next fall or winter since they are very hydrating on my dry ends. If you can still find these: GET THEM!!!!

Julep Facial for Hands - This was in one of my recent Favorites. I loved this scrub! It made my hands so soft! Not sure if I would repurchase this since it seemed to go pretty quickly. I do have a travel size that I want to save lol Hopefully I can find a cheaper alternative.

Big Sexy Hair Full & Wild Spray - With this spray you were supposed to flip your hair over and spray so when you flipped back over your hair would be huge and crazy. I really liked this at first when that whole messy hair look was in but there are definitely cons about this spray. 1) your hair is stickier than a Cinnabon 2) it smelled as if you poured acid all over your scalp. The effect was cool but the scent and the feel were awful. So basically it`s only good for pictures lol

NARS Bronzer in Casino - I chose Casino because Laguna was far too light for me when I was tan and looking for a good Bronzer. I decided to go with Casino thinking it was perfect. It literally looked like dirt on my face. I had to use the lighter hand to make sure I didn`t put too much on. After this Bronzer I think I rather go with Laguna and use layers of it rather than looking dirty from Casino.

AmeriPure Toner - This toner was nothing special. I did like that it was not irritating and gentle if it was around my eye area. I didn`t notice any change in my skin but it did get out whatever residue my cleanser didn`t get. I prefer Lush`s Tea Tree Water and I am now back to using that since I have finished this bottle.

St. Ive`s Apricot Scrub - This scrub gets a lot of mixed reviews. Some people love it, others say its too abrasive. It`s not abrasive on my skin so I actually do like it. I have oily skin and this just makes my skin feel so soft and I just feel like it really gets out everything in my pores. I consider this my inexpensive alternative when I can`t have Lush`s Ocean Salt, which is like triple the price.

Not Pictured: I did finish my Lush`s Buffy Body Butter which was in my January Favorites. It lasted me about 8 uses and I used it once a week. I love this body butter and can`t say enough about it. I am currently using The Body Shop`s Cocoa Butter Body scrub and can`t decided which one I like more! I love both! I also finished my box of My Beauty Diary Sheet masks in Black pearl which was in my February Favorites. I had a box of 10 and I am now using a box of the Green Apple masks.

Have you used any of these products? Do you need to finish up any products too?

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