February Favorites!

5 years ago

Today is the last day of February, so what better a time to do a monthly favorites! :) These are the products that I used most often this month and they`ll probably be my favorites for months to come too, lol. They`re pretty much my everyday stuff, but I love them!

<strong>Victoria`s Secret So Sexy Smooth Straight & Silky Styling Mist</strong>
Aside from having a long product name, this stuff is awesome! I bought a bottle with the Secret Reward Cards right before Christmas and loved it so much I bought two more! I`m about 2/3 of the way done with this bottle. I spray it on my damp hair before I blow dry it and it makes my hair nice and silky and smooth. And it smells really nice, too!

<strong>The Body Shop Coconut Body Butter</strong>
This stuff smells absolutely AMAZING. The formula is super creamy and does an awesome job at moisturizing. I actually use it on my face because my apartment is so dry and it dries out my skin (especially) my face, so I actually use it as a moisturizer before applying my makeup. I`m very sensitive to products I put on my face, so I`m happy to say that this one doesn`t break me out or anything at all. It`s great! Yeah, I know... using a body butter as moisturizer for your face sounds weird, but I use just a small amount and it works wonders!

<strong>Wet N Wild Natural Blend Pressed Powder</strong>
This is the powder I use as my foundation. I`m kind of upset I didn`t pick up two when they were out because they no longer make them (at least, I don`t believe they do - they were out for a couple months and that was about it). It`s paraben-free, fragrance-free, and hypoallergenic. The best part is that is doesn`t break me out! Lots of face products tend to easily break me out but this one doesn`t. And it applies and blends amazingly!

<strong>Physicians Formula Perfecting Concealer Duo</strong>
I picked this up on a whim quite awhile ago and always turn to it when I get breakouts. I use the green concealer because it seriously makes breakouts and blemishes invisible if I get them. It does miracles! :)

<strong>Wet N Wild Eyeshadow Trio</strong>
This eyeshadow trio is the Walking On Eggshells one and the colors in it are great for a more natural and subtle look since they`re not crazy or anything. I`ve been turning to this trio for my everyday eyeshadows ad I really love the way they look!

<strong>Urban Decay Primer Potion</strong>
If eye makeup, then eye primer. Enough said.

<strong>Rimmel Extra Super Lash Mascara</strong>
The name is rather unoriginal, but this mascara is amazing!! It seriously makes my eyelashes look incredible. I turn to this mascara far more than any of my other ones. I don`t believe they make this anymore and I`m a bit sad I won`t be able to purchase another.

<strong>Prestige Liquid Eyeliner</strong>
I`ve done reviews on a few of these Prestige liquid liners before and they are seriously the best liquid eyeliners I`ve ever tried. I`ve been using them for years now and I can`t ever see myself switching to different ones because these are fantastic. Once the formula dries, it seriously stays on all day. I even slept over my friend`s house last St. Patrick`s Day with a full face of makeup since we all drunkenly fell asleep and woke up with my eyeliner still completely in place! I went to class that day still looking awesome :) HIGHLY recommend this!!

<strong>Garnier Nutritioniste Skin Renew Anti-Dark Circle Roller</strong>
This is my go-to product for when I realize I have dark circles under/around my eyes after I wake up. It`s a quick fix and definitely makes me look more awake! :)

So these are my favorites for the month!! I stay very devoted to certain products, so I`ll probably be sticking with these for awhile.

<strong>*Image is my own!*</strong>
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