February Bath amp Body Works Haul

Well fellow Luuuxers, I love Bath & Body Works. I remember back in the day when it was a battle of the beauty products between Victoria Secret & Bath & Body Works and back then I liked the VS line better. Well once I worked there for a summer and realized they were owned by the same company... AND I had everything the store I had to offer for at least 4 yours after 2 months, I stopped using it all together, got sick of it, I had so much. But my bf bought me some stuff a couple birthday`s ago from B&BW and now I`m hooked again! I love changing up my shower gel so they give me plenty of options to choose from.

Last round I went with Holiday Scents and although I have not used them all up I was ready for a change. So I ended up going with Fresh Scents. I`ll give a full review in about a month once I try all of them out. I have used the White Citrus before and I love it so I restocked that one in shower gel and lotion. The two that I haven`t tried yet but I did open the caps and take a whiff (and I`m going to love them I think) are Sea Island Cotton and Coconut Lime Breeze. I love fresh, citrusy (is that a word) scents because they just make me feel so clean and refreshed. I`ll let you know what I think of these beyond just smelling the cap.

I also picked up some more CO Bigelow Mentha Lips, these aren`t for me but for a friend. I purchased Vanilla Mint, Cinnamint & Spearmint. I have used and am currently using all of these except the Cinnamint. If she doesn`t like Cinnamint (which I`m hoping she doesn`t lol) I`ll confiscate it and keep it for myself! My friend loves the minty lip balms so I got these for her so she`ll stop trying to steal mine!

Since I already know how the Spearmint and Vanilla Mint taste/work, I`ll review now. I love them!!! Anything minty on your lips (well at least mine) is always very soothing even if your lips aren`t chapped but they are also amazing if they are chapped. CO Bigelow has a very soothing scent and feel to your lips and I find that you don`t need to chew gum while you`re wearing them, the freshness sorta seeps in on it`s own. It`s great. And mine last a logn time... I think. Well I have over 20 lip products from B&BW alone so it takes a while to get through them all! lol

Ok that`s all for now, have any of you ever tried any of these scents/balms? If so, what do you think of them? If not, do they seem like the kind of scents you would use?

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