FEB FAVES PART 2 - Tiffany`s Favorites

5 years ago

Since I`m currently in the process of moving, I wasn`t really able to buy much (if you don`t count furniture) but I did get some goodies that I wanted to share. I decided to do something different this month with my favorites by putting them into different categories. I have skin care, nail, jewelry, and of course makeup and I like to share with you my favorites from each category.


I have been loving this water cleanser from Lancome called Eau Fraiche Douceur Cleansing Water. I prefer using this rather than regular makeup remover because it`s a water base, hence, it feels lighter on my face. Also, it leaves a rather nice fragrance on my face after use. Though it`s water base, it takes off everything, including heavy eye makeup as well. This takes everything off your face and you can see it on your cotton pads (don`t look, it may not be pretty) but overall, I would definitely re-purchase this item. I use it everyday before I shower to remove any type of makeup and/or dirt off my face. It does wonders trust me, you`ll notice a huge difference in your skincare routine if you add this step.


I have been obsessed this month with nail care because well, I keep chipping/ breaking nails with moving, building things, etc and I wanted to find a better way to care for my nails. I shopped around, watched youtube videos and finally figured out a good method on which to care for my nails. The top picture basically shows what I use minus the polish. I am trying to film my nail care tutorial but in an attempt to try before, I failed because the camera just wouldn`t focus correctly. Basically, I got a new base coat, OPI Nail Envy Nail Strengthener, which does wonders for your nails. Not only does it leave a smooth application for your polish but it keeps them from yellowing and I`ve noticed my nails are chipping alot less after using this a couple of time. I also got a new top coat that I absolutely love called Seche Vite which is a small miracle in itself. You are able to use this topcoat without having to wait for the polish to dry. It won`t smudge or smear your polish at all and it cuts the drying time in half. Another product is something I think is called Drying One Drop and it does what it says. It uses an eye dropper and drops some kind of liquid on your nails that dries your nails instantly. I`ve tested it and I wouldn`t touch it right away but I does dry within or less than a few minutes. It has cut my drying time in half. Another product that I`ve found is Essie Disappearing Cuticle Trick which basically does what it says. It takes a few tries to get it right but it`s alot better than pushing them back with a cuticle pusher and trying to snip off your cuticles. It`s a lot less painful and a lot better results. My nails have never looked better.


I`ve finally given in and entered the Jewelmint craze and I love it! I bought the Forever Audrey Earrings above and I can`t tell you how much I love these earrings. They`re a classic piece that dresses up any outfit. It`s nice adding a statement piece to a simple outfit to jazz it up. It`s a subscription base company where you take a few quizzes and every month, they pick out jewelry that best fits you according to your quiz results. You don`t have to buy every month and you can always request alternates. I usually wait and watch youtube to see the different styles that other people received in their showroom before making my choices. They`re made well, some are chunky but that`s how the pieces are suppose to be. They`re alot better quality than like H&M and Forever21 pieces and it`s only $29.99 per piece. They`re pretty worth it on the quality that you receive.


This is the result of my first purchase on http://Hautelook.com. It`s the Urban Decay Book of Shadows 4. I love 90% of the colors in this book but when I swatched them, I fell in love with all of them. Some of the colors such as green and blue I thought I`d never use but when they`re swatched, they come up alot lighter than expected. The quality is pretty good, I don`t really have a problem and the colors are pretty true to what they look like for most of them. I was pretty happy with this purchase especially after my Naked Palette, this would be my 2nd Urban Decay purchase.

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