Fear Factor is Awesome!

Last night, I couldn`t sleep so I browsed through the NBC application which I love (you can watch movies on your smartphone now!) -- I came across <strong>Fear Factor</strong> and I haven`t watched Fear Factor in awhile. The best part is that you can watch <em>any</em> episode and it`ll be a new one so you don`t have to follow any order which I love. I hate starting shows that I have no idea what was last season or what the shows about without starting from the beginning.

If those who don`t know what fear factor is an American sports reality game show that contestants compete to win money $50,000! However it`s not easy to win, you have to win stunts in order to win and the stunts are crazy.

Example of some stunts:
Sit in a tub with snakes/live animals
Be covered with lots of bees
Eating animals such as bees, worms, so forth
Picking up live insects
Jumping out of 13 story building
And much more (watch to be exited)

Fear Factor ALWAYS grosses me out and it`s so interesting and entertaining.

<strong>Have you ever watched Fear Factor?<BR>
If you were able to go on the show, do you think you can do some crazy stunts?</strong>

Want to watch Fear Factor for Free? http://www.nbc.com/fear-factor/
Want to watch the episode I recently watched which is a 2-hour Special Season? http://www.nbc.com/fear-factor/video/the-bees-are-angry/1384621

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