FBF: Sillybandz

2 years ago

It`s Friday! So you know your IGs will probably be dispersed with pictures with the caption: `FBF` or aka `FlashBackFriday`! I decided to join the bandwagon and make my furst luuux post with some mini fashion fad that faded faster than Kim K`s first marriage--sillybandz.

My thought on this little fashion trend that`s faded: Glad. I honestly had no idea what (a) `sillybandz` was. I mean, what`s with the z, does the `z` make this thing plural? or is the z alone just part of the name? Is it grammatically incorrect if I say `a sillybandz`?
It also didn`t match with most of my outfits, which consisted (and still does) of cardigans and high waisted skirts. Sillybandz with pastel colors equals a big NO NO. Because I am a slight conformist, I was slightly swayed by this tsunami-like fad. Just as I was about to go and get one or two (I didn`t even realize they came in packets), they disappeared. It was as if the whole thing never existed. Life had moved on and sillybandz were(?) left somewhere lying in the middle of nowhere. I envision them lying in the midst of a desert, while a couple of tumblewoods (that resemble more of my hair when I first wake up) awkwardly roll past.

What`s your thought on sillybandz?
and Happy Friday :)

Source link: http://www.fairviewer.org/features/2011/11/30/what-happened-to-silly-bandz/

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