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4 years ago

I decided to share with you all my favourite top and base coat. As a polish addict, I have tried various base and top coats, and have not really liked them. Either because the base coats did not help my nails from staining to top coats cracking my polish. What do you mean by cracking you may ask? Well by cracking I mean, it literally cracks my polish (tiny cracks, not like the crackle polish), which makes me want to redo my nails! But after trying out Seches top and base coat, I fell in love. Seche doesnt really make a base coat, but I use the Seche Natural as a base coat.

-Seche Vite: I am pretty sure that most of you have heard of this top coat before. But for those who havent, this top coat is fantastic! It doesnt crack my polish like the other top coats and I find that it makes my nails really shiny. Also another plus is that it dries really fast; thats why its called dry fast when translated into English (along to lines of that). It also helps my polish last for days without chipping, so I dont have to worry about doing my nails again for probably a week to a week and a half. One con I have about this is that it smells very strange. I dont know how to describe it, but I believe that there is a certain chemical that causes the top coat to dry very fast. Therefore causing the strange smell. The other con is that its pretty pricey for a top coat. Where I live, it is about $14 a bottle! I heard that in the States, its about $7 a bottle. That is like double the price here!

-Sech Natural: This is not as popular when compared to Seche Vite. This is actually a matte finish nail treatment. But I dont think this makes polishes matte at all. It fails at being a matte polish, but it wins as a base coat. I chose to use it as a base coat, because it actually helps prevent my nails from staining. Also I love how it dries very fast. But again the con is that it smells funny and its pricey; $12 a bottle! I am not sure if others have used this as a base coat and have noticed that it prevents staining, but for me it does. Let me know if this also applies to you!

Overall, I highly recommend these polishes for those who are still looking for a good top and base coat. I cant guarantee you that these will work the same way for you; everyones experience varies. I really want to try Zoyas Amour and Anchor, but unfortunately they dont sell Zoya products here, or at least I don`t think they do. :( So if those have tried it, let me know if its great or not.

What is your favourite top and base coat? Can you recommend any for me to try?

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