Favorite Snack - Chocolate Covered Almonds

4 years ago

I know they are so fattening at 200 calories per 13 almonds, but they are way too good to pass up =( I wish I had more willpower.

Chocolate covered almonds, especially dark chocolate ones, are actually very healthy for you. The almonds contain essential fats, protein and fibre to keep you full while delivering nutrients to your body. Dark chocolate contains flavenols and antioxidants that help fight off prevent oxidation from ruining your cells. Oxidation has been linked to development of cancers.

However, my krytonite is actually milk chocolate covered almonds because I don`t like the sour taste of dark chocolate. I have yet to find a good dark chocolate covered almond. Trust me, I`ve had chocolates from Le Maison du Chocolat and even they can`t make good ones.

I can finish an entire bag in a sitting, that`s more than 1000 calories! ><

This is why I only limit myself to one bag of milk chocolates from Walmart rather than buying them from Bulk Barn a week, so I don`t become exceptionally fat.

Who here loves chocolate covered almonds?

*photo is mine*


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