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3 years ago


Lately, I have been editing my pictures. Mainly because I don`t like how the background looks in my pictures and the lighting.

I love this app, I got it during one of the App of the week, last month. I wanted to share it earlier but I wasn`t sure how much to tell you guys.

I tried posting this before, but all the pictures I tried uploading with this got lost and I was like I`ll post it again later. Well its later now lol.

Short and simple:
-can edit the background and subject in pictures.
-that also can be a pain, if you were to look closely in some of my recent pictures that I posted, some have editing hiccups.
-a bunch of filters to choose from
-i paid additional 1.99 for every little filter and I mainly use 1 that is already a default.
-its enhances the lighting for what I want the focus to be on.
-takes time to get to use, can be frustrating, but if you have patience this is a nice app to use
-tutorial is really helpful, I didn`t want to pay attention to it, but it gives you the basic run down you need to know.
-can add text to your pictures

I don`t want to give to much detail, but I do love the app! I just don`t know how much it cost or if it is free lol.

I`ll have my original and edited picture above to show what I have done. Only 1 because last time i tried uploading a lot more, I had problems posting lol.

What is your favorite Photo Edit App?

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