Favorite Makeup Removing Wipes!

4 years ago

I`ve been using these wipes for about four or five months, and they`ve literally been the only things I use to take my makeup off! I purchase them from Walgreens for around two dollars, and at the dollar store, they`re even cheaper! They work so well, and smell amazing, although I must say, if you dislike the smell of cucumber, do not buy these because they smell strongly of it!

For me, I love cucumbers, and don`t mind the scent. I think it smells refreshing and clean! No matter how heavy the makeup is, these wipes take it ALL off, and best of all, I can take off my entire face of heavy makeup using ONLY one wipe. Of course, I wash my face afterward by splashing some water onto it for good measure, but you can totally get away with just using these to remove makeup.

I`d highly recommend! I wouldn`t use any other wipes. I actually have before, but I just really didn`t like them :/

But I would like to try out liquid makeup removers. I`ve never tried them before, but I think in certain cases, they can come in handy. Does anyone have any suggestions on that?


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