Favorite Eyeliners: Cream, Marker, and Liquid

5 years ago

These are eyeliners I cannot live without!

1. NYC Liquid Eyeliner in Black
2. e.l.f Studio Cream Eyeliner in Midnight
3. L`Oreal Voluminous Mistake-Proof Marker in Black Brown

(1) NYC Liquid Eyeliner in Black: $3
I`m sure you guys have heard the buzz about this one. It literally is THE BEST, and least expensive eyeliner you can get your hands on at your local supermarket. It has a thin, precise brush that allows you to have a nice pointed winged eyeliner. I swear by this eyeliner, it`s my absolute favorite out of every single eyeliner I`ve tried. They`ve upgraded the design on the packaging too so it doesn`t look "kiddie" like it used to haha.

(2) e.l.f Studio Cream Eyeliner in Midnight: $3
Another cheap favorite. I actually got this as a gift from a Secret Santa exchange in Dec! I love using this on days I want to smudge out my eyeliner. The brush it comes with is perfect to use too. Whenever I run out of my NYC eyeliner, this is my alternative to create a winged eyeliner. Not as precise, but it glides smoothly on my eyelids. I`ve also heard others say how it dries out (which rarely happens to mine). When it does I like to take my blow drier and heat it up a little so it could help the "dryness" of it. This is also an eyeliner I can put on my waterline, surprisingly. After a long school day, it leaves little-to-no smudging (depends how sweaty I get that day, lol)!

(3) L`Oreal Voluminous Mistake-Proof Marker in Black Brown: $6
This is my natural go-to eyeliner. The ONLY thing I hate about this marker eyeliner is the shape of the tip (as you can see in one of the pictures above), it`s awkwardly shaped, I have to turn it a certain way to get the shape of the eyeliner I want. Otherwise, I LOVE this eyeliner. After a few uses, I got use to the tip of the brush. If you mistakenly touched your eye b/c it itches, this would not smudge (unless you get really rough of course). The color of the eyeliner is really natural also, which is why I`m in love with it.

Have you guys tried these eyeliners? If so, what are your opinions about them? If not, try them? :)

*pictures above are mine!*


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