Favorite Eyelash Glue.

2 years ago

I have had my fair share of eyelash glue. I have to mention that my eyes are really watery and sensitive so it`s important to find good glue, if I want my lashes to stay in place. The first glue I`ve ever tried was DUO, and I honestly do not like it. It doesn`t last more than an hour for me. Also, glue that have similar packaging to DUO doesn`t work either. And the Salon Perfect from Walmart is terrible! It stung my eyes, dries to fast, and never ever adhered my lashes.

After years, I`ve found my, dare I say, holy grail!

It`s the Revlon Precision Lash Adhesive in Clear. It applies white, then turns blue when it`s tacky. It doesn`t take long at all! Maybe 10 seconds and you can pop your lashes on. I do not like the latex free version because it smells and it didn`t even stick for more than a minute. Maybe I got a bad batch so who knows. They have a black version too, but I find it too messy. I was new to lashes when I tried the black version, so that may be the reason why, lol. The KISS lash adhesive is very similar so that would be my alternative if I were in dire need of glue.

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