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5 years ago

Don`t you hate it when you remove your eye makeup, cotton lint gets in your eyes. This has happened to me more than once. But then about 2 years ago, I was walking around the beauty and health section at Costco and came upon a box of cotton rounds. It`s by the brand DELON+

On the package it says:
*** New and Improved
***Softer Edges
***Aloe Vera and Provitamin B5
***Lint Free
***Retains its shape
***More absorbent
***Less Shredding

It came in a box with 9 packages and in each package there are 100 count rounds. And I got them when they were on sale, so I believe I paid around $13 for them. I love these cotton rounds. They don`t have any lint so I don`t have to worry about getting cotton in my eyes. They are really thick so I could use both sides to remove my eye makeup. The other cotton rounds I used to use wouldn`t even last through the first use of one side and these lasted through both sides and even more. And they are really soft. The downside is that I am running out. I gave a couple pack to my sis so she can give this a try. But unfortunately I don`t see them at Costco anymore. I`ve found them at Amazon but they are selling for around $29 and at costco they are origanlly $17 when not on sale. I just wish costco would bring them back. Costco is almost like MAC, they bring stuff in but to discontinue carrying it later. That sucks. Now, whenever I go to costco, I just go and double check to see if they brang it back. Crossing my fingers that I will find them soon.
Have you tried these cotton rounds??

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