Favorite Chef: Jamie Oliver =)

4 years ago

I lovee Jamie Oliver, he is my favorite chef!
MY first contatc with him waas through Sic mulher where I became a fan of his tv shows, i love to cock so when I came up with his recipes I found them very easy to make and they`re so delicious, but xurrently, my love for Oliver goes behond his work as a chef...
I think he is an extemely humble and kind person, he is s simple and humble, and those are two qualities I appreciate the msot on people, being simple and humble, and he is so kind to everyone, i love his show, the food revolution where he tries to change this world for the best... He is rich and famous, married and with children... He got it all in life and stil he takes the time to worry and to drive awarreness to an issue that affects teens and school which is bad eating habits...

I never thoguht that in america and in the uk teens and kids ate fried things in the cafeteria, fortunatelly here in portugal we only eat healty things, we have salad and soup, and we eat french fries like once a year and we ony eat a desert in the last day of school, I never thought things would be that diferent outside my country...

i love him,, he worries and tries to make the diference, he is a beautiful person :)

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