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4 years ago

Cereals are one of my favorite things to eat for lunch. Yes for lunch, because if i eat it as a breakfast, i`ll be hungry in like an hour. I always eat a lot for breakfast (i`m a breakfast eater, since i don`t really eat in school). Maybe for dinner i`ll eat more but for lunch i always eat less and eat around 6 o`clock and that`s like the last time i eat during the day. Though there are always exceptions.
Vitalis is my favorite cereal because it`s so tasty. Though i don`t like the fruity cereal from Vitalis because they taste exactly like a cheaper brand of fruity cereal, so i just buy the cheaper one if i`m in the mood to eat fruity version. But normally, my favorite from vitalis is the ones with honey and chocolate. It`s the best, maybe i like the chocolate one even better, just because it tastes so good. But since it`s chocolate i tend to reach more for the honey one.

What`s your favorite cereal? Do you like cereal?

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