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5 years ago

Ever since I was little, I`ve been a bookworm! "Allyssa`s nose is always in a book" - my third grade teacher during a parent/teacher conference lol. `ve toned down a bit over the years, but nowadays I`ve been reaching out for a book before I go to sleep. The picture shown above is a bit misleading, these aren`t even close to all of the books that I`ve read in my sixteen years of existence! As you can kind of tell, I`ve always been interested in fantasy/adventure/romance type of books. Usually I favor the fantasy books more like HP hehe. I can guarantee I`ve read all of these books ten or more times; I can also gurantee that I`ve read Deathly Hallows a hundred times (an exaggeration, I know, but seriously this book can keep me reading for hours on end). I have not memorized the author`s names (I`m really bad when it comes to remembering names...) so here are the book titles!

Once Upon a Marigold
Dragon Rider
The Wish
Dragon Breath (from the Frog Princess series... The one that inspired the Princess and the Frog ;D)
Ouran High School Host Club
ASoUE: The Ersatz Elevator
ASoUE: The End
HP: Deathly Hallows

My utmost favorites in this stack has got to be A Series of Unfortunate Events and Harry Potter! I`m currently re-reading the whole series of ASoUE right now, I`m on the Penultimate Peril (12) :)

Have you guys read any of these books? What types of books do you generally reach out for?

*picture above is mine!*


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