Faulty Photoshop: The Truth About the Fashion World

I`m not sure if I`ve posted about this before, but http://CollegeFashion.net is an awesome blog site with fashion inspiration and other advice. I was scrolling through the weekly `haute` links, when I found this article. If you read it, the writer brings to attention faulty Photoshop on the Target website. On a bathing suit add, when zoomed up, it is clear that her curvves have been created in a sense, and her crotch has been removed for he most part to give off a thigh gap effect. It is obvious to many, if not all, that Photoshop is a magazine`s best friend. Everyone uses it. The Photoshop isn`t the shocker, nor is the saddening (on Target`s part) crap job done. the reason this is such a `shocker` , is because it reveals the truth about what the Fashion Industry has become. Sure, this may be reading between the lines a bit, but fashion, in my eyes, is meant to emboldening and uplifting. You take clothes and form your own style, something unique to yourself. When people see you they know exactly who you are through such style. However, recently in the world of fashion, people have become obsessed with trivial things. Thighs that touch are a thing of the past; never-mind womanly curves. In truth these things aren`t important at all. The physical characteristics that most people now desire can not be achieved by all body types. It is sad, the stress that is placed upon image and how it is translated into perceptions of beauty. i just want to know what you guys think? How do you guys understand/ see this. Do you get my concept? the author`s concept? Please share your thoughts in the comments below <3

Source link: http://www.blogilates.com/blog/2014/03/10/umm-excuse-me-is-this-target-model-for-real/

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