Fats and Diets!

5 years ago

hi everyone! so today i wanted to talk about something very serious that effects everyone. i noticed that i have been gaining a lot of weight...well not really but i do weigh about 110 ibs..which i do not like. i know 110 isnt bad but for me it is esp. when i am short, only 4`10. i know. i hate my genes. but for the past few months, ive been on and off some diet stuff. at first, i was drinking some diet green tea which at first really worked and made me poop a lot, but then when i dont eat at all, i tend to get stomach ache, i know. its my fault. and when i do stop drinking it, i feel like im eating wayyyy tooo much! so then i went on with some mexican diet powder drinks which tastes soooo disgusting. so i kinda stopped. so then now i am on some pills that i kindof like. i take it every morning which i follow up with breakfast and it makes me not want to eat throughout the day. one bad thing about it is that it makes me reallly really thirsty. i guess drinking water is good for the skin and the body. which im ok with. but i do see some results. so. to all you girls. how do you lose weight? care to share some tips? i know i exercise a lot, but then again. im a workaholic so i barely have time to do some gymming. let me know(:

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