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I don`t know about all of you, but i have been hearing/reading about fatkinis everywhere lately since Gabbi Gregg posted her fatkini picture. I am absolutely APPALLED at some of the responses she got. I honestly had too much faith in society that they would be able to accept various shapes, sizes and colors of people now a days. One website i was on had a comment about how they were going to go puke after seeing Gabbi`s picture. Another comment stated about how many "beached whales" would be at the beach this summer and how fatkinis are ruining summertime for said comment writer. This is ridiculous. Someone`s weight is not a calculation for how healthy they are. A heavy set football player is applauded for being large, but an overweight girl on a daily basis is bashed for being the same body type. Personally, i am overweight. However, I`ve also played lacrosse for the past 6 years of my life and can run a 6 minute mile. Please, tell me how unhealthy i am because i can outrun majority of my "skinny" friends.

There`s not one person i have ever met that was/is overweight that has ever told another person they should become overweight or has supported being overweight. However who are any of you to say that because someone is overweight they shouldn`t be allowed to be happy, to have confidence?

Personally, i hate seeing skinny girls wearing shorts with their butts hanging out and shirts that might as well be bras.


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