Father`s Day Dinner

4 years ago

This is the meal I made on Father`s Day. I, again, used my slow cooker (as I have been doing frequently as of recent) but this particular recipe required some outside cooking before going into the crock pot. If you have a bit of free time to do the extra steps, then this is still a good option.... however, this isn`t one of those limited amount of time kind of crock pot meals.

The meal consists of slow cooker pork chops in a sour cream-mushroom gravy over a bed of rice and mixed veggies in a cheese sauce, buttery brussel sprouts, and apple sauce.

Why apple sauce? BECAUSE PORK CHOPS AND APPLE SAUCE PAIR NICELY! >:-D No, really... they do.

I bought the pork chops with a coupon I received through BzzAgent. One of the campaigns I was invited to a little while ago was for Pork: Be Inspired. It came with a coupon for $5.00 of pork chops and tons of recipes. I kept their recipes to try out but this is one I found on my own and have been meaning to try for some time. This was the perfect opportunity to do so!

ANYWAY... I started by seasoning up the raw pork chops and then breading them in seasoned flour (You can use whatever you like. I used seasoning salt, garlic powder, pepper, Old Bay, & paprika). Then, I put the porkchops into a hot skillet with a bit of olive oil. I browned them very well on both sides. Once they were browned I put them into the crock pot. In the skillet I browned the pork chops, I tossed in some onion rings and added a touch of salt to sweat them out. Once they were well browned I dumped them over top of the pork chops in the crock pot. In a sauce pan I combined about 2 cups of chicken stock and a can of cream of mushroom soup. As that was heating I mixed a couple tablespoons of flour with water until it was well mixed and kind of paste-like. That was dumped into the liquid mixture and once that had reduced a bit I poured that over top of the pork chops in the crock pot. I covered it and let it cook on low for about 6-7 hours. About a half hour before I was ready to serve them, I took them out of the crock pot and into a glass dish, which I then put into the oven at 200 degrees (just to keep them warm, not to cook). I left the liquid in the crock pot and added a couple big spoonfuls of sour cream into the mix, turned the heat on high, covered it, and let it go for a half hour.

To serve, I just scooped out some of the white rice and then added a pork chop onto the rice and spooned the gravy mixture over top of both the rice and the pork chops.

It was absolutely delicious and tender. I highly recommend trying this one out. Pan cooking the meat and onions before going into the crock pot REALLY added a ton of rich flavor. I wouldn`t suggest skipping that step.

<em>*pork chops were purchased using a coupon I received through the http://BzzAgent.com website and the Pork Be Inspired campaign.</em>

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