Fat Burger!

4 years ago

Fat Burger

I took a trip to Los Angeles with my family for my cousins wedding this summer. I was last there in November and I was excited to go back since there were a lot of things I didnt get to do on my last trip.

One of the places my friend CONSISTENTLY talks about every time she goes to Vegas is the burger chain, FatBurger. FatBurger is a burger chain that allows you to customize the size of your burger depending on how hungry you are. They have a small, medium and large, which are all single patties but obviously increasing in size. They also have an XL and an XXL that are the same as the large burger but with additional beef patties.

Since I didnt get to try it in November, I promised I would make a point to go this time, so I did! I wasnt really hungry, so unlike the triple patty XXL she usually goes for (I swear she must be crazy!), I only opted for a single ( I think it was a medium) lol. I did however get tempted by the peanut butter shake and ordered a small one to wash down the burger.

My friend has since been disappointed to hear that the shake totally outshone the burger. Dont get me wrong, it was a good burger, but it still tasted like an average burger from a better quality fast food chain. It kinda reminded me of a Harveys burger, but I prefer Harveys any day of the week. I ended up drenching it in Tabasco since it was kinda boring tasting :S

The shake, however, was AMAZING! I am obsessed with anything peanut butter and this did not disappoint. Apparently, this was an item that used to be offered but for some reason, now only certain places still offer it..... I dont know what the head of the company are thinking.... I would go in just for the shake next time, but it looks like it may be gone for good by the time I go back to the US! :|

Have you ever tried FatBurger? What do you think of their food?

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