Fashoin4us Designer small bag for her you love watermelon

4 years ago

Preparing the props this :

-Fabric color felt

-Black round Seeds, Austria

-Kim, just, pull
Step 1:

-We need to cut the fabric into the stomach as in the picture.

Step 2:

-Stitch plate number 2 with the number 3 and then sewn to the dark blue striped melons Strip to do.

Step 3:

-Then they themselves need stitched Chrysanthemum coat of eyes, sew only do mouth for you watermelon nè.

Step 4:

-Then, you cut 1 strip of blue fabric, double the length, sew closed, drag strip fabric do stalk watermelon pinch.

Step 5:

-Cut long strips of fabric 1 ½ perimeter stomach by watermelon put up on line lock pulling, sew fixed. Then use only 1 hit the road via sewn keep locking pull with ½ shell.

Step 6:

-Flip backside, sew through with half the fruit watermelon rest with wire lock drag. Parts are cut away excess zipper!

Step 7:

-Put 2 sheets of 1 making the lining sewn inside, to keep via.

Step 8:

-Now its fixed the shell stitch, wire locks and inner pads together.

-Flip out, sew the casing, pads and strip of cloth connected lock pull back.

Step 9:

-Use the swab, dots on pink cheek color powder to the Bowl on the cheeks for her cute melons!

Step 10:

-Finally, they themselves need to do add the hook shaped piece of watermelon is beautiful again.
fashion watermelon

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