Fashionable, Stylish and Sexy Corporate Work-wear for Everyday Office Drudgery

4 years ago

Fashionable, Stylish and Sexy Corporate Work-wear for Everyday Office Drudgery Are you tired of clothes that make you look stuffy and older than your age? Are you a woman who wants to look professional but also to feel feminine and sexy? Are you ready for a few new wardrobe pieces that can change everything for you? If you are ready to experiment with fun, stylish, sexy, and professional business attire for the office, then you dont have to break the bank. By changing just a few foundations in your wardrobe, you can arrive at a completely new look that will impress your co-workers and give you a new style, all without taking away your hard-earned salary. By being creative and shopping for foundational pieces that are on sale, you will improve the look and the reach of your wardrobe for many years to come. Here is how to get started: Select a Few New Camisoles Camisoles are sexy foundational pieces that also are very professional. You wear them beneath your business suit jackets and beneath dress shirts. Camisoles often are trimmed in lace and have thin, spaghetti straps. You can find them in a wide variety of colors so that you always have one to match your suit. Those with whom you work will only see a hint of the camisole, such as the lace trim neckline. But you will feel sexy knowing that you are wearing a feminine, silky tank beneath your office wares. Change Your Shoes If you want to feel sexy in any professional office clothing ensemble, one of the best ways of achieving this feeling is to change your shoes. A sexy pair of black pumps or a pair of animal-print peep toe heels are not only versatile and functional, but they are fun and wearable. You can wear them with your most conservative gray business skirt suit and instantly gain major style. Wear a Dress You dont have to show a lot of skin to be and look sexy. A dress is a great to feel sexy by showing off your legs but to still look professional. Choose a wrap dress that cuts at about your knee or just below. Pair it with a chunky belt and some strappy high heels. Youll look conservative enough for the office, but youll have just enough style to look fashionable. Put on a Pencil Skirt Your clothing does not have to be short to be sexy. A pencil skirt is an ideal example. A pencil skirt is conservative and traditional because it is long and will hit at or below your knee. But it also is sexy because it hugs your hips and your curves. Pair it with a sleeveless, ruffled shirt or a camisole with a jacket. Youll be on your way to blending sexy with professional. Wear Glasses Pick up a pair of stylish eye glasses. If you do not already wear glasses, then you can buy a pair without prescription lenses. If you already wear glasses, then select a cute, wide-rimmed pair that are professional but still a little hip. Dont run out to the mall and spend your next paycheck on new business suits and skirts. You dont have to throw out your current wardrobe in order to get a new sexy yet professional style for the office. By using your imagination a little, being creative and resourceful, and learning how to make your dollar stretch, you can get a wardrobe that is somewhat new but feels like it is entirely new. You will feel better about yourself in more than one way when you are able to save your money and get a new style all in a days work! Nisha is a freelance health, beauty and fashion writer with over five years experience. She is currently writing on behalf of . fashion

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