Fashion Tips for Women Over 30

When women are young, they tend to dress much more provocatively than women who are older than them. Your 20s are all fun and flirting, having a good time. Your 30s are when it is time to settle down and really start looking at your life and where you want it to go. This is the same time that women start dressing differently. Its out with the fun, sexy clothes and in with the stylish, sophisticated look. Fashion trends for women over 30 are becoming much more elegant.
Fashion Tip #1: Be Current There is a big difference between being current and being trendy. Dont let yourself focus on what the latest trends are because they are going to change soon enough. When you go to the store for a little shopping, just get what is currently there and what you like, and dont worry about anything else.
Fashion Tip #2: Be Classy You can take simple, classic looks from the past and still wear them today. Just be sure that you spruce them for the current times. A simple black dress is always an easy go-to piece when going out for a night on the town, but you can add a pop of color with a purse. Bright colors are in nowadays, so you will have that classic look, but still be keeping up with the times.
Fashion Tip #3: Be Subtle If you find a t-shirt with a large logo on it that seems like something you like, steer clear of it. You dont want something that teenagers often wear. Instead, find a shirt that has a small symbol in the corner or a design on the sleeve. You want to be subtle with a small symbol, rather than overbearing with a large one thats screaming at you.
Fashion Tip #4: Be Versatile Just because you bought that skirt to go with that shirt does not mean that is the only outfit it can be worn in. Show some versatility and use that skirt with a different top and some different accessories. Remixing an item lets you change things up with the same pieces of clothing. It gives you many more options to choose from.
Fashion Tip #5: Be Smart No, that doesnt mean that you should wear clothes that make you look smarter, although it wouldnt hurt, but be smart in the purchases you are making. Make sure that you have all of the essentials, and not just clothing that you want to have. You need to make sure your closet is filled with all of the things you could possibly need, such as shoes for different occasions, a raincoat, different jackets, etc. Make smart choices and be sure you have everything you might need on hand.
Fashion Tip #6: Be Personal Dont always be concerned with trying to fit into the way you think you should look. Keep your personal style and buy things that you like. You can always take the things you like, and even already have, and just spruce them up a little to make them look more fashionable. Accessories, for example, are a great way to add a stylish touch to any outfit. Wear a hat, put on some jewelry, or add a belt, and you will have a fashionable look in no time.
Fashion Tip #7: Be Simple You dont want to overdo it. Avoid wearing clothes that are over the top, but stick to simple clothing items that make it seem like you effortlessly threw everything together, yet you look amazing all the same. If you wear over-the-top clothes, it seems like you are trying much too hard.
Fashion Tip #8: Be Appropriate The time is over for low-cut tops and high-cut skirts. Women over 30 need to wear age-appropriate clothing. Sure you can still wear some sexier clothing, but it should follow all of the above-mentioned rules, particularly being simple, subtle, and classy. It shouldnt be blatantly obvious that you have a low-cut top on. Just a small cut at the top can do enough. As long as you follow these fashion tips regarding the latest fashion trends, then you will be perfectly prepared for the fashion world of women over 30. Wearing the right clothes, and avoiding the wrong ones, will ensure that you are well-dressed for your age. Petric Williums is associated with SmartBargains and often writes about fashion trends and tips for women over 30. He likes to

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