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4 years ago

Hey guys! This is the long awaited haul! Before I start, I just wanted to say, that no i`m not bragging. I bought this out of my money that I received for Graduation. I needed to buy some things for myself, so this is what I bought. For the sake of less confusion, i`m going to go in order of the pictures :) Let`s started!

So the first few things, are two different eye make-up removers. The first one I bought at Buck-or-two for only a dollar. They are the make-up removing wipes, which I like. I haven`t tried them yet though.
The other make-up remover, I think I bought at Wal-mart a while back. I was waiting to get more things to do a haul. This make-up remover are the pads and it`s supposed to be moisturizing for your eyes. I will do a review on them some other time :)
I also bought a new wallet. I was in need of a good cute wallet. When I came across this one, I didn`t buy it at first. I waited until about a week later. I love it. It`s so cute with the monkey and the little banana on the clasp thing.

The next three things I bought at Jeans Experts. They were having a sale so all the items were on for $9.99. Can`t go wrong there! The shirt is from the Oxygen clothing line. It`s kind of like a V-neck and it`s a graphic tee. Very cute.
The pants are both the same but different colors. They are also from the oxygen clothing line. At first I wasn`t too fussy on the colors, but I still bought them. After wearing them, I fell in love. They are so comfy and they don`t really feel like gym pants. They Kind of feel like jeggings/leggings. And a bonus, they don`t flare out at the bottom.

The next three things are from Rossy. Again, another store with a sale. The tank tops were on for $4.00 each. I love wearing tanks, so I ended up buying a black spaghetti strap tank and a white racer back tank. Both very comfy.
The last thing I bought at Rossy, was the blue Capri pajama pants. I already had a pair and loved them, so I went back and bought another. What I find cute about the pants is the green stitching and green strings.

Of course I had to go to Dollarama! I love that place! The first thing I bought there was this little container that`s meant for paper clips and thumb tacks. Instead I put my bobby pins in it. Hopefully I won`t lose them so easily now!
I also bought some nail stickers. They`re supposed to be like the Sally Hanson nail stickers. Of course I went with music nail stickers. My mom even bought a pack to try!
I also bought a cosmetic bag! I need a bigger one, and I thought this one was so cute! I just love the polka dots!
And lastly, I bought a little note book. I have it to go in my purse.

I also went to Wal-mart. The first thing I bought there was a cute V-neck cropped flowy tank. I thought the saying was cute with Spongebob there. "I`ve got moves like that". Cute. :) Good for a bikini cover up !
I also bought a white knit cardigan. I`ve wanted a cardigan for the longest time now and I finally have one! It`s really soft and comfy!
I also bought a pair of dark wash skinny jeans. They are the perfect fit! So comfy. They are just a plain dark wash jeans. Nothing special.
I also bought another cosmetic bag but this one comes with small travel shampoo and conditioner containers and a mini shower poof. The bag is pink and black lepord print. It`s more sturdy than the other one, and has a black handler on the top.
Last thing I bought at Wal-mart were these two nail polish`s. They caught my eye right away. One is called Grey`s Anatomy, and it is iridescent. I love it with the purple and green duo-chrome.
The second polish is called Party of Five Glitters. It`s really cute! There`s red, blue, silver, I think pink and purple glitter. I bought it to go with Grey`s Anatomy.

The last place I went to was Ardene`s. I love that store! The first three and last three things were in this surprise bag I bought there. 2/$8. So the first three items are this random silk scarf that I may not actually wear. lol. There also a pink fuzzy scarf. I used to love those scarves as a kid! I also received gloves in the surprise bag. Even though it`s summer, i`ll save them for winter, haha. Nothing special about the gloves.

The next four things I actually picked out and bought. I bought 2 different packs of hair clips. 3 of the clamp clips and 2 of the alegator clips. I keep breaking my clips, so let`s see how long these will last.
I also bought a new black head band and some black elastics. Self explanatory.
I also bought the twist pins things. The only reason I bought them, was to try them out. They`re actually pretty simple to use!
The last three things, we`re also from a surprise bag. I received two hats. One was a pink crochet hat and the other reminds me of a plaid old man`s hat. LOL Sorry, but I would never wear it. I can`t pull it off. I`ve tried before.
I also received 4 pairs of socks. One pair being, toe socks. Anyone remember those? I loved them growing up!
I have 2 pairs of ankle socks! The only type I wear. I was happy I received those! One is grey with lady bugs and the other is orange, white plaid with pink trim. Both really cute.
The last pair is the purple half sock thingie. I call them the sock flats. I don`t really like the feel of it though. I`m sure my mom will wear them, haha.

Well that`s all I bought. I actually have another mini haul coming up later on.
Hope you enjoy, and i`ll blog to you all later!

*Disclaimer; In no way am I trying to brag about this. I bought all these items out of my own money. All photos are mine.

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