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4 years ago

Hello my beautiful girls :)) Today I come here to talk about some new glasses that were in fashion this year. Before, people who needed help for a better view of rectangles wore those glasses normally. But this year, even for those that have perfectly, began using this type of glasses: Never adhere, as was "afraid" that they apparently such lenses without graduation, I "spoil" the view. Because I do not know if it`s just me, but they have a slight degree. There are many on Claire`s between 5 and 10 if I remember correctly. Just give a new look to the person, a "new style". I have nothing against that, but for me there. If you come to need glasses, possibly going to be like this, but only if needed. And then there are the sunglasses. Those who use a lot this summer I find them super cute. But it`s funny that not long ago this type of glasses was super corny (because of its shape in round lenses, too). How come, fashions come and go and the opinion of people is changing. This type of glasses is in many sides. I`ve seen them selling at the fair, the bijou brigitte, in stores only glasses. And of course prices will vary and the quality too. The ideal was to have a few glasses of good quality (but that also means spending more money). If floors of sunglasses always advise you to buy better glasses with UV protection and stuff. But if you are like me who only use them occasionally, you can buy cheaper glasses (not as you walk with them always, in principle you do not spoil the view, in principle) to poupares money because it does not fall from sky. Mine are from claire`s and cost around 7. If you go too long with them, I notice that I start to get a lot of print in sight. But it also must be mine, because even with a few glasses "good" that happens to me. Also tends to happen with you?

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