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I feel so much better posting this because these means a fresh new start towards what i would like to see on here. I really am interested in all the posts i make on here, however these paticular topics..i just feel haven`t really been expressed much and i am interested in others opinions on them. =) So if you haven`t read the post before this is in the Community section and you can visit on my page so please go ahead and add or follow, but I expressed how I really wanted to see more on a list of topics I provided. So to kinda get the ball rolling on people posting more about these issues i figured i would take matters into my own hands sort of speak and post something on each of the issues i listed. The first which i will post here is World Fashion. I know that fashion is so universal that really it plays a role in all countries but i want to know whats Hot in other countries right now as we speak ...What new trends are going on and what does beauty mean to other women in other countries...? I think these issues are important to maintain a real fashion sense to our world and to our community here at Luuux. For example, as seen in the photo above fashion in London right now some of the hottest trends are the draping skirts that fall with a contrasting colors and are either floor-length pieces or teeny over-skirts.

In my own Opinion:

....& they have a thing for asymmetrical slits right now and the high funnel necks. So...if any of you are interested like me or aware of any trends in other countries how about doing a post on them and sharing.

So for those of you interested comment below and let me know what you think: Do you think its a HIT ( ) or a MISS (_ )?

Please take note that this photo does NOT belong to me. It strictly belongs to the website listed in the source link section below. I only added it to present the product and gather your opinons on it.

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