Fashion Forecast 2014

3 years ago

First of all, this post would be focusing on my thoughts of what would be the fashion hits in the Philippines because I live in Manila and I know some people here in luuux are too. But I still hope that this would also give insights to the fashion enthusiasts from other countries. :)

1) Shorts have started the early months of 2013. From denim to leather to laces, low waists and high waists, we`ve probably seen it all. It`s a conservative country but I can see the chances of daisy dukes to be worn much for the coming year (though a clear line should be set for this clothing piece). Spring Breakers should be blamed for this. haha.

2) We`ve had a glimpse of the high low and maxi skirts while circle skirts have successfully become a must-have by the end of the year. We`ll be seeing more of these skirts in 2014 in more bold colors worn with `basic` pieces like v-neck shirts for a laid back and casual look and long sleeve blouses for a more sophisticated and formal style.

3) Start digging up your closet for your beaded accessories and loose yet chic pieces. It will come handy for the next year because boho chic will be the look people are gonna try to achieve so prepare your maxi skirts and faded ripped boyfriend jeans :)

4) Most people are recollecting episodes of the classic TV series from the 90`s so I`m guessing 2014 would be a mimicry (or should I say innovation) of the 80`s-90`s zeitgeists. Cropped tops, bold prints, and (sadly for me) leggings might stay. Color popping would be replacing color blocking not only with fashion but also with the arts and designs. I think (and I really hope) that denim skorts would make a comeback too.

5) I`ve also noticed some changes with the heels. The heels of stilettos would curve from the back of the shoes but I`ve seen many shoes today where it would go straight down from the heel of the shoes. (It`s so hard to explain with the redundancy of words so just look though the photos for this). Strappy heels and wedges with neon and bold colors will be a hit too.

6) With regards to shoes, there has been a mutation of boots and sneakers. haha. I would call it heeled sneakers though. Skechers and other brands have released it few years ago but it just started to be patronized when it was released by other brands in a much cheaper price. I`ll say it would only make it to the first to second quarter of the year.

7) High-top sneakers would still be the most comfortable shoes for the next year although the classics of Keds, Vans and Toms would still be a preferred by most people.

8) Belts would be given more attention this year but it doesn`t have to be bold like the wide belts that almost looked like corsets. Dainty designs like bows or simply the metallic and glittered ones. I think Caroline (Beth Behrs) of 2 Broke Girls would be responsible for this trend ^_-

9) Most of us would be hoping for a colder weather so we can use our knit sweaters and pair it with printed shorts and circle skirts.

10) I`ve mentioned a few common fashion styles but I think there will be a few bravehearted people would go bold and make their own statement.

I hope you enjoy reading my opinions and prediction on fashion for the next year. I may be wrong; I would be really happy if my thoughts would turn out right, but my attempt of making a forecast is to let people know that fashion is not about jumping into the bandwagon, rather, it is about making a bold step ahead from the rest and making your own statement. I`m a fashion enthusiast who wants to see people to take a leap in the dark and wear who they really are.

***Only the opinions are owned by the author.


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