Fashion Comes And Goes, Plastic Stays

5 years ago

Plastic... Did you just think that this is going to be one of those environmental talks? No! This is fasion and nothing else! Today it`s all about plastic, from flipflops to bags. Yes, you might think plastic is out of fasion, but that only indicates that you have no idea so keep reading and you`ll find out.
Ever since plastic accesories appeared women grabbed on to them, but for a while though they still have been sold everywhere and were a trend, there was not a way to make the things brands like River Island made comfortable. The shoes were the right size but after wearing them for a little while women will get bruises on their feet which is unacceptable for summer. So while selling the products our most loved fasion houses tried to make those things comfortable. And though now they still might not be the best for walking, they still surve for house shoes, flip flops and other purposes that us women can find for anything.
But it`s not only shoes that are made. There are many bags, belts like the one from River Island on one of the pictures I posted. And going back to the shoes there was a solution the fasion gurus found for us to love what they do. The plastics are now made of leather and other materials from the inside and only on some of the border lines there is plastic, the still shows off our beautiful nails and feet.
The bags are actually quite incredible thinking about rainy summers even in the warmest countries. Imagen a situation - suddenly rain starts pouring out of nowhere and you are nowhere near a car, restaurant or a taxi, so you just walk all soaking wet and later your phone is broken, money soaked and holiday mood ruined. But if you have one of the plastic bags you can just put all your stuff in there and it will never get we, and no matter how ugly they might be to your taste they are very useful! For creative ones likeme I even suggest you get one to use instead of an umbrella, all your stuff in the bag and the bag on top of your head! There`s our creativity girls!!!
Once again this summer it`s all about the color! Experiment, try and love new things, read magazines, change habits and prepare yourself for lots of fun to live through next year and next summer! :)
Good luck!
With love,
P.S. Don`t forget your see through Ray Ban glasses and your plastics collection is the best!

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