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love it.Shoes are a form of foot gear that cover the foot up to the ankle and that is intended as protection from cold, dampness or rough ground.* Shoes are used for protection of the feet but also to fashion a style in which the owner feels comfortable. In addition to shoes there are other types of footwear such as sandals, moccasins, boots, slippers, and mules.

This pair of shoes was donated to the Greenbelt Museum and is now on display to the public. The size of the shoes is unknown. The heels of the shoes are between 2-3 inches in height and 3/4 of an inch in width at the bottom and gradually becoming 1 1/2 in in thickness at the top of the heel. These pumps seem to be made made from a dark blue fabric covering the entire shoe and the wooden part of the heels. The inside of the shoes shows a tan colored soft plastic covering and protecting the inside of the shoes.
On the front of the shoes there is an ornamental piece used for decoration right under the cuff (an apron on the front part of the shoe). This piece looks like it is 2x2 inches square and made with glittery beads. The center piece adds status and elegance to the shoes. Since these shoes have an elegant center piece, we can assume that they are not everyday shoes that women would have worn. Perhaps these shoes were used for a very special occasion like someone`s wedding, Prom, or an elegant dinner party. Also, these shoes could have been used for Ballroom dancing or an evening at the theater or opera. In addition, these shoes could have been worn on a special evening out in Washington or Baltimore City.

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