Farrah Waxes Her 3 Years Old Uni-brow

4 years ago

As we thought the tanning situation was the last thing we would hear from a parent, but that wasn`t the case at all. Teen mom, Farrah Abraham recently confessed that she had wax her three years old daughter`s uni-brow. The crazy part is she called herself a great mom because of it. I mean seriously? I don`t have children of my own, but to do and say that to yourself. You must be living in your own little world for reals. What happen was Farrah Abraham saw that her daughter was growing out a uni-brow and she thought it wasn`t cute. What did she decide to do? She decided to wax her daughter even she knew it was going to hurt. Farrah said she knew she would`ve to pull it fast. Either way dingy, its going to hurt. SMH at these teen moms who call themselves moms... Just saying. Questionnaire: 1. What are you reactions to this whole story? 2. Who`s your favorite teen mom? Follow, rate & comments. Check source link for credits. http://www.wetpaint.com/teen-mom/articles/farrah-abraham-describes-the-man-of-her-dreams-hes-a-smart-rich-doctor

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