Fantastic Uses of Baking Soda!

4 years ago

1) Make a neutralizing mouth wash! It doesn`t only mask the smell, it actually pH balances the yuckiness in your mouth and gets RID of the morning breath.

2) Freshen up oral appliances (i.e. retainers). Soak them in a baking soda/water solution to get rid of the odor and the particles that can get stuck on them.


4) Use it as a bleach treatment for your whites!

5) Use as facial scrub and body exfoliant/brightener!

6) Verrrrryyyy SLOW teeth whitener.

7) Use as antacid.

8) Hand softener. (Just wash hands with it, you`ll see.)

9) Foot soak.

10) Sprinkle some on the rug, let it sit there to soak up all the odors, then vaccuum up for fresh rugs!

11) Deodorize your fridge. Or really any cabinet/closet etc. Just keep an open box in the back somewhere.

12) BAKE COOKIES hahaha

13) Deodorize shoes. Just sprinkle some in there, let it sit, then dump it out.

14) Sprinkle it in litterboxes.

These are the ones that I have tried/I know work. If you have more please let`s share!

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