FampB Challenge - day3 - A piece of clothing or jewelry that was a gift

5 years ago

Hellooo giiirls!!
So here I am on my third day of Fashion and Beauty challenge!
Today is the day to show you a piece of clothing or jewelry thats was a gift, well I don`t have real jewelry, and if I was to choose a piece of clothing offered I should show you a lot of pieces lol so instead I choose a pair of earrings that my mother offered me and which I love and wear a lot!
I think that if sometime I loose them i`ll be very very sad.
My mother gave them to me I think 2 years ago, it wasn`t a special occasion, she just saw them and they reminded her of me, and she tought I would love them, so she bought them and give them to me, she does this a lot of times, shes a good mom :)
The earrings are in colour of silver, but aren`t real silver, have a shape of a bow and a little spark where the knot of the bow stands =) I wear them a lot and love them, they are soooo my style hehe =)
Hope you like them!
And you? What`s your favourite fashion gift you received? =)

image is mine as well the text, no source link!

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