FampB Challenge - day 2 - A recent picture of you and 5 random facts about yourself

5 years ago

Hello Luuuxers!
So here I am with my second day of fashion and beauty challenge!
Today it is supposed to show you a recent photo of myself and five random facts about me...
So I took this photo like 2 minutes ago!
and here comes the five randoms facts about myself: (This is very hard, because there`s so much about me... wow!)
Fact one: well, between my many interests... let`s see... I`m a potterhead! xD
Fact two: This year i`m takings lessons to have my driving license and I`m very excited about it!
Fact three: I love arts and crafts, like painting, sewing, making little things on fimo... etc.
Fact four: I`m always creating blogs, because I like to write, and I have ideas, but I never start them xD
Fact five: I`m a very talkative person, and i`m very entusiastic, sometimes people find me annoying =/ I`m working on that!

So... I hope you get to know me better with this post! if you want to know more, ask me!


no source link, photos and text are mine (:

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