Famous Paintings at the Museum of Modern Art!

11 months ago

A couple weeks ago while visiting New York City, I decided to check out the Museum of Modern Art. I love museums and I was especially interested in this one as it is home to one of my favorite paintings - Vincent van Gogh`s `Starry Night.` I got a lot more than just that, though!

I had absolutely no idea the MoMA was home to so much famous work. Picasso, van Gogh, Pollock, Dali, Monet... there were so many famous paintings!!

Famous paintings generally tend to be smaller than you think they are, as with Dali`s famous melting clock painting (the thing is so small, I nearly missed seeing it and walked right by it!). Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh was pretty sizable, though. Claude Monet`s `Water Lilies` is absolutely huge! It takes up an entire wall and is gorgeous. My boyfriend said when he saw it while it was on loan at another museum, it was hung much higher up so that the spectator could view the entire work as a whole. Currently, MoMA has it set up so that you have to walk along it to really see the whole thing.

I even saw some fantastic Jackson Pollock works (the `splattered paint` ones) which actually ended up holding some special meaning for me. As I walked up to the large painting, I suddenly had a flash back to way back in the FOURTH GRADE. Talk about a long time ago! My art teacher had shown my class a picture of this exact work and said that it was so big, you had to look up to see it all. I couldn`t believe that I suddenly recalled that moment after never having thought it of since it happened. I wish I could tell my elementary school art teacher!

If you ever get the chance, definitely visit MoMA in NYC! I was continually surprised every turn I took by how many famous works there were! Absolutely incredible!

*Images are my own!*

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